EU and international contract law
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EU and international contract law

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EU and international contract law

MDA has long been present in the field of international community law, and for this reason is also able to make use of the collaboration of a large and experienced network of foreign correspondents.

Our consultancy activity covers both the commercial and retail distribution business (trade, supply, distribution, agency, brokerage and business procurements, general sales and purchase conditions), and the setting up of foreign subsidiaries or foreign companies, both the acquisition and sale of foreign corporate shares (articles of association, shareholders’ agreements, management agreements).

In addition to creating joint ventures and other commercial and corporate co-operation solutions, MDA provides consulting and assistance in business negotiations with foreign counterparts (framework agreements, letters of intent, secrecy clauses) and the realization of other overseas investments (including eastern Europe, the Middle East and Far East).
Special attention is paid to international calls for tender, international agreements, to EU legislation on antitrust, state aid and anti-dumping law as well as authorization procedures at the European Commission. MDA provides assistance in international arbitration and appeals before the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights.