University of Padua - Conference "Public subsidiary companies - problems, solutions, perspectives"

The Department of Public, International and Community Law of the University of Padua is holding a conference titled "Public subsidiary companies - problems, solutions, perspectives" aimed at understanding if and how those entities play a role in the extended public administration and are able to guarantee a quality, efficient and virtuous competition of the market, particularly in the public service or public interest services sector.
In cooperation with the Centro Studi sulle Istituzioni Livio Paladin, Studio Legale Bertolissi and Studio Bonivento, MDA - Studio Legale is among the promoters of this important initiative characterised by an interdisciplinary approach. The conference is open to economic and institutional operators, professionals as well as students of the faculty of economics and law. Attorney Alessio Vianello will coordinate a round table discussion on "In house companies, joint enterprises and the market" and give a lecture on the general legal profiles of the joint enterprises. Attorney Andrea Bortoluzzi will address the different issues related to personnel management within a subsidiary company.
The conference, which will be held on 19th December, will last all day and start at 9.30 am in the prestigious "Galileo Galilei" great hall, symbol of the unstoppable strength of culture and free intellectual debate.
See attached leaflet for complete programme and terms of participation.