At VeGa a seminar on anti-corruption law

MDA - Associated Enterprise Attorneys (Law Firm) organizes a first reflection on the recent L. 6 November 2013, no. 190, with which our legislator intended to tackle the phenomenon of corruption in its various aspects: from an exquisitely criminal one, to that of the organization and to that regarding the functioning of the Public Administration, to that of the relations of the Public Administration with citizens and businesses.
The initiative, open to the participation of professionals, businesses, law operators, public employees, will benefit from the valuable collaboration of Professor Avv. Sergio Seminara (Professor of Criminal Law at the Faculty of Law at the University of Pavia), which will develop The topic "The Crime of Corruption Between Private - Art. 2635 CC", while MDA members Andrea Bortoluzzi, Domenico Giuri and Alessandro Veronese will deal respectively with:
• "Obligations of Office and Obligations of Fidelity in Bribery among Private: Work Profiles";
• "Changes in the discipline of corruption and bribery and new crimes against P.A. - Responding to the responsibility of the Entities ";
• "Anti-corruption law in P.A.: from planning and control tools to novelties in administrative procedures and public procurement".