MDA assists a group of the Vicenza area in an acquisition operation in Michigan

A group from Vicenza operating in the custom-made furniture sector for luxury branded brands has acquired an American company ( a custom-made furniture manufacturer itself), overcoming the Chinese competitors and expanding its business to the North American market. Finlife, a corporate finance company, acted as a financial advisor to the Italian ...

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MDA Advisor of a Venetian industrial group in a 8.6 MLN operation for Hydroelectric Plant

MDA law firm assisted a Venetian industrial group operating in the energy sector through an important project financing operation: thanks to the effective advisor role of the MDA lawyers Alessio Vianello and Silvia Tisato, the Company obtained a 8.6 million euros financing from FriulAdria Crédit Agricole and MPS Capital Services B...

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Brussels 1bis regulation in force: decisions are circulating freely

One of the main innovations is the automatic recognition of decisions in civil and commercial matters without the use of the exequatur procedure. A decision given in a Member State is recognized in another Member State without the need for a specific procedure (EU Regulation No 1215/2012, Article 36). Provisional and protective ...

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The Court of Justice on polluted sites: no obligation of repair by innocent owner

The European Court of Justice's ruling on the European Court of Justice (Sentence C-534/2013) of 4 March 2015 on the question referred to by the Council of State at the Plenary meeting, with reference to the obligations of the innocent owner relating to the securing and remediating a polluted site. The Court, ...

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Merger between Law Firm Solinas and MDA - Associated Business Lawyers

The multi-year experience of the Solinas Law Firm in banking and financial law and the consolidated interdisciplinary expertise of MDA - Associated Business Lawyers substantiate a professional association that will take advantage of the expertise and experience gained by over 30 lawyers, accustomed to operating in a team, with the aim ...

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