Gianni Solinas Gianni Solinas
Gianni Solinas


Gianni Solinas is a lawyer specialising in banking law, and he has been a member of the Venice Bar Association since 1996. He holds a degree in Law from the University of Padua and has been enrolled in the Albo Speciale Cassazionisti e Giurisdizioni Superiori (Special Register of Lawyers and Superior Jurisdictions) since 2011.

Professional Background
Senior Partner at MDA Studio Legale e Tributario, he provides legal and extrajudicial assistance to credit institutions in banking law and debt collection, areas where he has developed over 20 years of experience, following all facets of banking and bankruptcy litigation, including the financial instruments sector (derivatives and non-derivatives).
Thanks to his knowledge in banking and financial law, he has often been appointed as an arbitrator in arbitration panels and he provides advice and support, also in court, for and in the interest of bankruptcy proceedings concerning banking and bankruptcy matters.

Other works
He was an Honorary Professor of Commercial Law at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, School of Economics and Business. For several years, he was first a temporary lecturer of Banking Law at Padua University and then an temporary lecturer of Advanced Banking Law and Bankruptcy Law at the University of Padua.
He has served as an officer of several banking groups in the Finance and Legal Departments.

Publications and conference activities
Columnist on legal matters for national daily newspaper Il Gazzettino.
He is author of articles on corporate, banking and bankruptcy law, a lecturer at law schools and MBAs, as well as a speaker at several conferences in his field of expertise.