Alessandro Veronese

A former officer at Confindustria Venice Legal Services, he has been a member of the Padua Lawyers' Association since 2001 and has been qualified to plead before the Supreme Magistrates Courts since 2013.

He deals with administrative law with particular reference to matters of construction law, urban planning, expropriation, public contracts, energy and the environment.

He assists businesses, business associations, public administrations and public companies before both the National and Community Magistrates and the Guaranteeing Authorities. He represents public administrations before the Court of Auditors.

He is the author of specialist publications, as well as a lecturer at numerous conferences in his area of expertise.

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  • D. Giuri, A. Veronese, 2006: “Can vegetal oil processed not only mechanically be qualified as biomass?” One possible evolved reading of the sentence passed by the Palermo T.A.R. Palermo”, in Rivista Giuridica dell’Ambiente 3-4
  • A. Veronese: “Wind power turbines and the powers of Municipalities”, Notes on the Ordinance of the T.A.R. Puglia, Bari, Section I, 6 June 2007, No. 448 and the sentence of the T.A.R. Umbria, 15 June, 2007, No. 518, in Rivista Giuridica dell’Ambiente, n. 2/2008, pages 446 et seq. Milano, Giuffrè.
  • M. Munarin, A. Veronese, 2009: “The notification of the appeal filed by the Lawyer is executed with the delivery of the folder to the Post Office”, Brief notes on the sentence of the T.A.R. Veneto, Section II, 11, No. 2393  Read more 
  • F. Ostan, A. Veronese, 2009 - “The Housing Plan specified in Regional Law No. 14/2009”, published by Confindustria Venezia
  • A. Veronese: “The obligation to maintain Intended Use”, in the Guide to the Veneto Region Housing Plan published by Sergio Dal Prà ed Alessandro Calegari, Padova, 2010.
  • A. Veronese, 2011- The new Housing Plan: modifications of Intended Use and expansions into “inappropriate” urban development areas, in the Guide to the Veneto Region Housing Plan published by Sergio Dal Prà ed Alessandro Calegari Padova
  • A. Veronese: “Renewable energy electric power plants: typical and atypical compensation measures”, Rivista Giuridica dell’Ambiente, n. 1/2011
  • A. Veronese, 2014 “Comment on Art. 9, Section 1, Letters e),f), and g), of R.L. No 14/2009 as emended by R.L. no. 32/2013 “ in Guida al Piano Casa del Veneto (Guide to the Veneto Region Housing Plan published by Sergio Dal Prà e Guido Sartorato, Padova 2014
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