Domestic, European and International Tax Law


European and

International Tax Law

Tax governance, tax risk management and tax litigation
We offer assistance and advice to individuals, legal entities, public bodies and non-commercial private entities.
We take care of the out-of-court and judicial phases, both in the preparation of preventive legal opinions and in consulting on internal and international tax planning.
We provide legal assistance and advice in all areas of Tax Law: taxation of individuals, companies and groups; international taxation, VAT and indirect taxes; transfer pricing, real estate transactions and local taxes.
We assist our Clients throughout Italy and in all stages of a case, both before the Provincial and Regional Tax Commissions, the Civil and Criminal Court, the Court of Appeal, the Regional Administrative Court (TAR), and before the Supreme Court of Cassation, the Constitutional Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU).
We offer assistance and out-of-court advice to foreign companies and individuals, or in any case not resident in Italy, in their relationship with tax authorities.
In the phase of crisis of the company and throughout insolvency proceedings, we support Commissioners, Liquidators and Bankruptcy Trustees for tax issues and for tax settlements.

We provide legal advice and assistance in the field of tax or custom duty offences, and in general business crimes, providing a constant doctrinal and jurisprudential updating.
We carry out out-of-court activities in the context of legal opinions and preventive consultancy, to avoid the Clients the possible criminal risks arising out from wrong or incorrect behavior, and we assist them during the investigations carried out by the Guardia di Finanza and we carry out legal defense and document reporting activities before the tax jurisdictions.