A.Veronese, 2015 - “Administrative sanctions for non-fulfillment of demolition order obligations”

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A.Veronese, 2014 “Comment on Art. 9, Section 1, Letters e),f), and g), of R.L. No 14/2009 as emended by R.L. no. 32/2013 “ in Guida al Piano Casa del Veneto Guide to the Veneto Region Housing Plan published by Sergio Dal Prà e Guido Sartorato, Padova 2014

I. Corso, 2014 – If we want everything to remain the same, everything has to change, also in regard to Art. 18.,Workers’ Statute of Rights, Notes on the Order issued by the Court of Venezia on 14.11.2013, in Arg. Dir. Lav., 2014

G. Solinas, 2014 – Brief Commentary on the Law on Cheque and Promissory Note and on Banking Payment means, Cedam

G. Solinas, 2012 – The Tax Transaction, published on 19.10.12 in the website “Il Fallimentarista”, Giuffrè