M. Negro, 2017 - Note to Commentary on appeal relating to environmental disaster and omission of accident prevention warnings committed intentionally, published in Bollettino della Camera Penale Veneziana, Section I - Criminal Law, April 2017, pp 3-6

A.Veronese, 2016 "SCIA, municipal powers and position of the third party” in www.italiaius.it

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I.Corso, 2016 The so called “Maxi-sanction”: its characterizing elements and scope of the sanctioned case, in M. Brollo, C. Cester and L. Mengnini (eds.), Legality and working relations. Incentives and sanctions, EUT, pp. 453-462

G.Solinas, 2016 – Commentary ON the Civil Code, sub art 2017, Debt Securities, by Lener, directed (RUN) by Gabrielli, Utet

The new SCIA (Certified Notice of Commencement of Construction): points for reflection / food for thought

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