Seminar on Environmental Liability - at Confindustria

The MDA law firm, together with eAmbiente Group and Pool Pollution presents a seminar on "Environmental Liabilities and their management within the company”, scheduled on Thursday 31 March at 2pm at Confindustria Venezia (PST VEGA, Building Lybra - Sala Oro)

The seminar aims to provide operational tools for those who, as part of their business, are involved in environmental management. Starting from a general framework on the latest legal obligations, the Seminar will deal with issues of environmental liability and delegation, particularly with regard to the new crimes against the environment (Legislative Decree 68/15), to the responsibility of authorities and enterprises (Legislative Decree 231/01), the particular tenuity of the case (Legislative Decree 28/15), and also to the notion of risk arising from the new ISO 14001 and to possible insurance solutions.
The final part of the day will be dedicated to responding to your questions.

MDA will be represented by the lawyer Domenico Giuri, who will speak on environmental crime, environmental liability and joint responsibility.

Participation is free, with confirmation of attendance.
Download the program MDA- Environmental Responsibility – UIVE