Seminar on Anti-Corruption and Certification Systems - VeGa - Venice Science and Technology Park

MDA - Law Firm has organized a seminar entitled “Anti-Corruption , between control solutions and certification systems” for the clients and consultants it collaborates with for its clients and the consultants they cooperate with, at the Lecture Hall of the VeGa".
Among the speakers:
the lawyer Domenico Giuri, partner of MDA - Studio Legale, dealing with the topic "The state of the art on the implementation of anti-corruption legislation by public and private companies, the subjective requirements for participation in tenders and the rating of legality ";
the lawyer Gianluca Rizzardi, an associate of MDA - Law Firm, dealing with the theme "Integration between the Organizational Model under Legislative Decree 231/01, the anti-corruption requirements provided by law and ANAC, and the management system for the prevention of corruption referred to in the technical standard UNI ISO 37001: 2016 ".