Seminar on bank litigation - Villorba

Save Your Money organized a seminar titled "The Banking Controversy Between Classic and Modern - The Expansion Streght of Nullity" in the Barchessa of Villa Giovannina in Carità di Villorba (TV) on Friday 21 April 2017 (9 am - 6.30 pm). The focus will be on "Ten Years of Statements by t...

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Conference on bankruptcy law - Treviso

The Association of Chartered Accountants and Treasury Accountants of Treviso organized on Wednesday, 12 April 2017, at the hotel Ca’del Galletto in Treviso (Via S. Bona Vecchia 30) a conference on bankruptcy law entitled "Law Abuse in bankruptcy proceedings”. Among the speakers, lawyer Gianni Solinas, partner of MDA Studio Legale, will make...

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Seminar on Anti-Corruption and Certification Systems - VeGa - Venice Science and Technology Park

MDA - Law Firm has organized a seminar entitled “Anti-Corruption , between control solutions and certification systems” for the clients and consultants it collaborates with for its clients and the consultants they cooperate with, at the Lecture Hall of the VeGa". Among the speakers: the lawyer Domenico Giuri, partner of MDA ...

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Technical consultancy on current accounts

The proceedings of the "Banking Accounts Technical Consultancy" organized in Milan by the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of the Lombardy capital and the Luigi Martino School of Higher Education are available. The document contains a broad excursus on the evolution of the case law and ...

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Seminar on Bankruptcy Law - Rimini

AIDC - section of Rimini, Guidelines and Chamber of Lawyers of the Romagna Tributaries organized on "The new horizons of Bankruptcy Law in the times of great reforms", 9th Transparency Event on Friday 27 January (9.00 - 18.30) and Saturday 28 January 2017 (9.00 - 13.30) at the RiminiBanca conference hall in Rimini (via Marecchiese, 227) ...

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