Workshop on the new regulation concerning fixed-term contracts and staff leasing agreements

Attorney Andrea Bortoluzzi (managing partner of the labour law department) and attorney Irene Corso will be speakers at the workshop held by the union department of Confindustria Venezia (the Italian employers federation) on 5th September at 14.30. They will address law n° 96/2018, with which the so-called "Decreto Dignità" (“dignity decr...

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Reflections on banking litigation

The Board of certified accountants of Ferrara is holding a conference on banking law on the 18th May 2018. Attorney Gianni Solinas, Managing Partner of MDA has been invited to talk about the sensitive matter of the burden of proof. locandina-18-maggio-2018

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The new standard building code, impacts on local building code and analysis of case law regarding some "hot topics" in planning

Alessandro Veronese, partner of MDA, will take part as a keynote speaker in the next conference organized by the Municipality of Spinea on some of the most contemporary issues in the field of planning law. The conference will cover the standard building code, the Piano Casa housing policies, distances between ...

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The new standard building code and the implementation of the regional law 14/2017 on limitation of land consumption

Alessandro Veronese, partner of MDA, will be speaker at the next conference organized by Centro Studi Amministrativi del Bellunese. The conference will be focused on the compliance of building codes of the local municipalities to the new standard building code as well as their urban plans to the regional law 14/2017 ...

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Banking court appointed expert consultants

On 14th of May, the register of the Chartered Accountants of Padua is holding an important conference regarding banking and financial court appointed expert consultants. Attorney Gianni Solinas, partner of MDA, will be speaker of the conference alongside judges dealing with banking and financial matters at the Court of Padua. ...

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