On 7 July, a conference on business professionals and corporate bodies in crisis

On July 7, MDA's law firm will attend the conference "Corporate Social Responsibility in the Business Crisis and the role of Accounting Professional" organized by the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Padua, with the sponsorship of the High School of Magistrates, at the ODCEC PD conference ...

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Jobs Act News: July 6 MDA Workshop in Marghera

The second part of the Jobs Act gets to the heart and brings a series of important novelties: the Government, exercising the powers granted with the mandate contained in Law No. 183/2014, has definitively approved the legislative decrees relating to the reorganization of contractual typologies and to the reunion of times ...

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On 10 June, a meeting in Belluno on the new Venetian legislation for mountain areas

The Centro Studi Bellunese organizes a conference on "The New Venetian Legislation for Mountain Areas: Opportunities and Application Issues of L.R., on Wednesday, June 10 (17.00) at Hotel Villa Carpenada (via Mier 158) in Belluno. 25/2014 ". The administrative lawyer Enrico Gaz and the law firm MDA partner Alessandro Veronese. The Law ...

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On June 4: Gesta Workshop on activities for the business growth

GESTA, in collaboration with MDA Studio Legale, FinLife and Sinedi organized the workshop "Extraordinary Operations for Business Growth" in its headquarters in Padua (via Longhin 53). Criticalities and Solutions". An appointment to share and comment on some of the experiences that GESTA has matured by accompanying its customers ...

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Seminar on energy efficiency

Padua Lisa Servizi S.r.l., in collaboration with MDA - Studio Legale and Esergetica S.r.l., with the patronage of ARPAV, Municipality of Padua and Veneto Region, organizes a seminar on the topic "Energy diagnosis, trampoline towards efficiency - Legislative Decree 102/2014 Energy Efficiency Decree" at the ...

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