Jobs Act News: July 6 MDA Workshop in Marghera

The second part of the Jobs Act gets to the heart and brings a series of important novelties: the Government, exercising the powers granted with the mandate contained in Law No. 183/2014, has definitively approved the legislative decrees relating to the reorganization of contractual typologies and to the reunion of times of life and work.

This is the second part of the overall and innovative design contained in the aforementioned law: after the introduction of the indefinite term for increasing protection and the new discipline of NASPI has been introduced in our legal system, the reform plan is designed to modernize the world of work to adapt it to the challenges of the market. All the legislation system is modified, to a lesser extent, depending on the different contractual bodies dealt with.

Given the complexity of the matter, MDA has organized a round of meetings to illustrate the novelties introduced by the Jobs Act - as they will be published - and to understand how the business relationship will change between the companies and their employees.

After the first seminar on 6 February, MDA proposes a new workshop on July 6, 2015, at 3 pm, at its headquarters at Palazzo Lybra in Marghera (Via delle industrie 19 / C), within the VEGA Scientific and Technological Park. The meeting will focus on novelties in managing the employment relationship in light of the legislative decrees adopted on June 11, 2015.

Specifically, the new legislation is distinguished by strong breaks in terms of what has been known and used by companies. As always, however, it is necessary to better understand how much propaganda there is and how much novelty there is in the proclamations that come from the press every day

The co.co.pro is widely reshaped in the version known after the Biagi Reform, the mandate of change of duties (cd Ius variandi) is expanded, and again the discipline of various contract institutions is modified (i.e. fixed-term contract, part time , Apprenticeship, on call work, accessory work, etc.).