On 1 April in Rovigo a seminar on bank litigation

The Center for Law and Economics of Rovigo, with the patronage of the Rovigo Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts organizes a training seminar on "Litigation on Contracts and Banking Relations" to be held at the Chamber of Commerce of this city on l April 1, 2016 (h 14.30-18).
The seminar is addressed to professionals interested in deepening the banking law specifications and to the technical-legal advisors or expert witnesses on behalf of the credit intermediaries and banking users, aiming to consider some of the issues that arise in the controversies on mortgage, leasing and bank account contracts, considering the latest law cases and the technical issues still controversial.

Among the speakers was the lawyer Gianni Solinas of MDA Studio Legale. He is entrusted with the deepening of the difference between the passive causes and the active causes in the division of the probative burden, the submission of the accounting balance and the problem of the zero balance, the presence of scale interests and the synthetic method, the proof of the existence of the contract and the issue of the single sign on contract, the proof of the existence of any reliance and the so called substitute arguments, the adjustment of ongoing contracts and the changes introduced by the 2014 Stability Law.

Moderator: Mauro Martinelli, magistrate of the Rovigo Tribunal.

Download the pdf with details about the Centro Studi Rovigo event - bank dispute seminar