On October 9 a seminar on urban-building regulations, in Spinea

The Law 7 August 2015, n. 124 – Power of Attorney to the Government on the reorganization of public administrations, introduced new developments in the urban planning and new ways of managing building proceedings.

To make it clear and to introduce new regulations, it was organized on Friday 9 October (8.30 - 14.00) in the parish hall of the SS church. Vito and Modesto of Spinea the seminar titled "Law 7 August 2015, n. 124: new developments in urban planning and new ways of building construction management. "

Alessandro Veronese, an administrative law expert of the Forum of Padua and partner of the associated law firm MDA, specialized in urban and environmental law, and Stefano Bigolaro, an administrative lawyer at the Forum of Padua, administrative law expert and partner of the law firm Domenichelli, will report on the subject.

The event is organized by Kairos SpA. The scientific coordination is carried out by Fiorenza Dal Zotto, head of the Urban and Construction department of the Municipality of Spinea.

At the seminar, the various building titles provided by the current legislation will be highlighted, with a description of features, peculiarities and procedural aspects. Topics related to notice of commencement, Cil, Quasta, Sierra, Dia, permission to build will be dealt with. And moreover, the responsibility of designers and the tasks of the public administration in handling the proceedings.

The most recurring critical issues will then be illustrated and how to solve them (suspension of proceedings, time for communication, work inhibition, self-denial, etc.).

By September 30, 2015, participants will be able to anticipate their questions by sending their request to the Urban Planning Department of the Municipality of Spinea,
E-mail [email protected]

Participants will be issued a certificate of participation. The recognition of the Training Credits was requested to the relevant professional orders.

Participation in the seminar is subject to payment