On 7 July, a conference on business professionals and corporate bodies in crisis

On July 7, MDA's law firm will attend the conference "Corporate Social Responsibility in the Business Crisis and the role of Accounting Professional" organized by the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Padua, with the sponsorship of the High School of Magistrates, at the ODCEC PD conference room - via Gozzi no. 2 / G in Padua (14.30 - 18.30).

Following the greeting of the Padova ODCEC President Dante Carolo, the following speakers : Edgardo Ricciardiello, a professor at the University of Bologna, will talk about "Critical Aspects in the Responsibility of Social Bodies"; Maria Antonia Maiolino, Judge of the Court of Padua, Bankruptcy Section, will report on "Assessments of G.D. In the authorization under art. 146 L.Fall. "; lawyer Gianni Solinas – partner of MDA Law Firm – will talk on "Responsibility actions in the collective insolvency procedure ”, the Padua Chartered Accountant Michele Pivotti on " Damages quantifying criteria in the light of the sentence of the Joined Chambers no. 9100/2015 ".