On February 6, a focus on the Jobs Act in Marghera

The Jobs Act is just around the corner. By February, the final approval of the first two decrees to implement the delegation granted to the Government is envisaged, and is intended to radically reform the world of work in Italy.

Between light and shadow, the schemes announced by the Government constitute an undeniable acceleration on the already outlined evolutionary line. Meanwhile, employing workers with a permanent contract has become less expensive due to the entry into force of the Stability Law.

Given the complexity of the matter, MDA has organized a round of meetings to illustrate the novelties introduced by the Jobs Act - as they will be published - and to understand how the business relationship will change with their employees.

The first meeting entitled "JOBS ACT: a reform to become" is scheduled for Friday 6 February 2015 at 3 pm at MDA Studio Legale at Palazzo Lybra in Marghera (Via delle industrie 19 / C), within the Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico VEGA.