On January 23, a seminar on Organizational Model 231 and safety at work , in Zelarino

More than ten years after the enforcement of Legislative Decree 231/2001, there is still a lack of knowledge among the operators of the common elements of interpretation and consistency that the enforcement of the legislation has on the part of the Judicial Offices.
The key question is whether there is a way to transform the "Organizational Model 231" (simplified or not) into a real management tool that can provide the company with an efficient internal control and compliance system to maintain and to strengthen its presence on the market.

To clarify the multiple aspects of this issue, the MDA Law Firm, in collaboration with Lisa Servizi and Certiquality, has organized a Seminar entitled "Organizational Model 231 and Simplified Procedures for Workplace Safety Matters for SMEs Legal Aspects, Practices and Applications " on Friday, January 23 (from 2 pm to 6 pm) at the Pastoral Center Cardinal Urbani of Zelarino (Via Visinoni 4 /c).

The speakers will be Michele Dalla Costa from the Treviso on the theme “Legislative Decree 231/01 in the safety at work”; the lawyer Domenico Giuri of the MDA Law Firm on the interpretative developments in the area of administrative liability of the offenders; Eng. Riccardo Borghetto, Chief Executive Officer Lisa Servizi srl and director of the Consorzio Formazione Più Scarl, on issues related to the application of procedures and effective sanctions and organizational implications; Armando Romaniello of Certiquality on the adoption and certification of Organizational Models.
A debate will follow.

Since the entry into force of Legislative Decree 231/2001, there is a question of objectivity regarding the application of this discipline for businesses, in the face of an attitude of the legislator who continues to manifest the will to Use this tool on an "ever-wider scale", introducing new types of crime worthy of attention from a social and economic point of view. In this respect, it is worth recalling the introduction of "environmental crimes", "irregular work" and "private corruption", which are potentially cross-cutting issues in all sectors of production, in addition to the most recent issue of safety in the workplace. A prospect of uncertainty which appears to be reinforced in the face of the crisis that the economic world is going through, which leads to a general reduction of costs and investment by businesses.
The optionality of adapting to the "231" system could hinder especially small and medium-sized enterprises from adopting and maintaining the measures required by the Decree, as there is no serious simplification linked to the introduction of Organizational Models in their favour, except for the recent DM February 13, 2014 that introduced simplified procedures for the adoption of organizational and management models relating to the sole safety of work for SMEs, causing various perplexities among the interpreters.

At the end of the seminars, a certificate of attendance will be issued by Lisa Servizi srl, Accredited Training Authority at the Veneto Region. The Council of the Law Society of Venice has also accredited the seminar for the purpose of continuous training of professionals, recognizing 4 general credits.

Participation to the seminar is free.

It is mandatory to register online on the website www.lisaformazione.it - "Convegni e seminari" or by writing to [email protected]