On 10 June, a meeting in Belluno on the new Venetian legislation for mountain areas

The Centro Studi Bellunese organizes a conference on "The New Venetian Legislation for Mountain Areas: Opportunities and Application Issues of L.R., on Wednesday, June 10 (17.00) at Hotel Villa Carpenada (via Mier 158) in Belluno. 25/2014 ".
The administrative lawyer Enrico Gaz and the law firm MDA partner Alessandro Veronese.

The Law no. 25 dated 8 August 2014, entitled "Interventions in favour of mountain areas and the conferral of special forms and conditions of administrative, regulatory and financial autonomy to the province of Belluno in implementation of Article 15 of the Statute of Veneto" contains provisions of strong innovation and of considerable concrete impact for all mountain areas of the region.

The Belluno conference wants to focus on these important regulatory innovations that affect a variety of operational fields, from building to public procurement, from commerce to tourism receptivity, from agriculture to forestry activities.

The aim is to provide a general framework on top-of-the-range legislation (which is starting its execution phase in the first few months of this year) to those who - in public administrations, civic institutions, trade associations, business systems – are called to govern or accompany the development processes of our territory.