Merger between Law Firm Solinas and MDA - Associated Business Lawyers

The multi-year experience of the Solinas Law Firm in banking and financial law and the consolidated interdisciplinary expertise of MDA - Associated Business Lawyers substantiate a professional association that will take advantage of the expertise and experience gained by over 30 lawyers, accustomed to operating in a team, with the aim to further enhance the ability to respond to the needs of legal advice and assistance by businesses and banks in the North East.

The professional association formed by the merger between Studio Solinas and MDA will assume the new name of MDA - Studio Legale and will be operational from January 2015 in the two main offices of Venice (Via delle Industrie 19 / C) and Padua (Via Tommaseo 78 / A), as well as in the two secondary branches of Vicenza and Treviso.

Further information about the operation will be available shortly, in order to detail the range of services offered by the new professional association, with the aim to consolidate and develop the partnership with companies and banks in the North East.